Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Why HP Printer & scanner are not recognized in the computer? Know reasons from experts.

Many hardware and software issues prevent HP printer and scanner to recognize in PC, majorly, it happens due to errors in drivers, issue with USB cable, and USB port on your computer. Old operating system, software associated with HP printers and scanner also cause the problem. While physical errors can be dismantled by inserting and re-inserting the cables but if error relates to software, you need an expert advice. We bring you a list of issue that may happen with your HP printers & scanners and how to resolve them without taking technician support on HP support.
USB Cable errors
  • The USB cable you are using to connect your computer to your PC may be too long, that exceeds data travel time, and printer and scanner do not recognize by computer. Try to insert short cable, less than 10 feet. If you are unable to do this step, you must call at toll free hp Printer support Number 1-800-510-7358 for immediate help.
  • While you buy a USB cable confirm if it can transfer data 12 megabits per second or more, USB cable that transfer data in fewer transfer rates often did not recognize by new HP printers and scanners. 
  • Make sure you check the cable start to end, if you found any physical damage, replace it, sometimes, cable gets molded inside and the user wonders about breakage, check carefully before you buy the cable.
  • You might have witnessed that after a prolonged period of time, a cable loses to its connecting point, mostly, it happens with the mobile charger. Make sure to push USB cable to the both connecting point and re-insert the cable.
  • Some old operating system does not support USB devices, such as window 95 and other older version, make sure when you buy a cable read the manual of supported devices. 
  • A Laptop or computer built with multi USB port, make sure all the ports are active and enabled, to confirm whether all the ports are active, go to the windows task bar and select the device manager from properties, expend the universal serial bus controller and right click on each USB hub.

HP printer & scanner software errors-

If you have tried all above things, you can un-install the existing HP software and re-install it to continue. It may take a little time, but you can get an idea about the error. Update HP drivers from HP official websites. Just enter the model number and download the drivers. And after all, these changes just restart the computer and printer. For more information about the connectivity and error, speak with a technician at toll free Hp Printer Support Phone Number 1-800-510-7358 for right solutions instantly.

Friday, 16 March 2018

How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Errors in Windows 10?

Printer customers upgraded their computer system to windows 10 may encounter many technical errors due to outdated driver or compromised settings that affected printer configuration with attached computer system. After upgrading to windows 10 operating system may be printer not work or the printing quality affected. In the certain situations, computer attached with printer also affected due to printer errors. If you have any technical issue regarding hp printer, you should call at toll free hp printer support phone number 1-800-510-7358 to get immediate help.

Control panel settings must be tuned-

Control panel is a main point that permits the computer users to adjust different settings of the computer system and other devices including printers. Windows 10 operating system come with new troubleshooting tools to identify actual error with printers and resolve technical problems. Under control panel devices and printers need to be chosen by the certified printer experts.

Troubleshooting the attached printing machine-

Resolving printer error while it is on the network attached with computer system becomes very simple due to running condition of both devices. Users can see the troubleshooting options from the menu and follow on-screen steps for resolving printer issues. If these instructions are not sufficient then other troubleshooting techniques should be followed by the users. Windows 10 operating system comes with new troubleshooting tools to resolve different kinds of errors itself without any assistance of a technician.

Right steps for HP printer installation-

After windows 10 operating system upgrade, if HP printer is not identified into the computer, it means that printer is not installed into the system. To check the printing machine into system, user can go to the settings and access into printers and scanners. If printer is not installed into the computer, it must be installed and added into the system.  After installation process, it must be connected with the computer and powered with proper electricity supply.

Uninstallation of windows 10 operating system may be a great option-

If HP printer error due to windows 10 OS upgrade not resolved, users have the last option to eliminate this operating system and install the preceding one such as windows 8 OS. Hardware configuration is not supporting windows 10 operating system to print from the printer. HP printer users experiencing error due to windows 10, they can get the services from certified printer experts. Still if you fail to do this, you have an excellent option to remove windows 10 from the system. For any major problem, you can call at toll free hp printer support phone number 1-800-510-7358 to get online expert help immediately.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

How to fix common technical errors of printer?

If you are a printer user and try to print any document, suddenly you get some kinds of technical errors that affect your printing machine performance and functionality. During printing any document, you can face some technical errors which are explained below:-

Paper jamming errors: - Sometimes, you should give printing command and printing process begins but paper stuck under roller which transfers from one end to another end. If you get any technical problem, you should stop your printing machine immediately and open the cover to eliminate papers with the assistance of hand. After eliminating papers, you adjust the paper tray in the proper ways and try one more print. To solve this paper jamming problems, you should call at toll free printer tech support phone number 1-800-510-7358 to get proper technical guidance.

Blurry prints: - This error could come from low toner, printer setting is set too very low. To check, easily turn on the printing device individual test catch since it will establish new printer setting.  On the off chance that after the changes, print error holds on, toner cartridge is the error. The arrangement drag out the cartridge, shake it actively to reorganize toner, reinstall and print. Replace the toner cartridge if blurred prints still display.

Spooks on the printouts: - It is the place where blurry copy picture displays on the printout. It could be deficient wattage, control related and voltage is augmented into the printer. It is ordinary when imaging unit is nearing its end life. Furthermore, replacement is the main choice left.

Toner spreads over the printouts: - This is a printer error where toner has not set suitably on the page, a little touch would as now result in smears.  It is related with fuser come together not having the capacity to combine toner into paper. This error occurs daily when the fuser is nearing its end life and replacement is the main remedy.

Printer failures to work: - If the printer is prevented and link with tablet is protected yet neglect to print, it could be a product error. Contact manufacturer and surf the net for latest printer drivers.  It is very necessary that users monitor driver refreshes in the light of the fact that this is created to improve the execution of the device. If you are stuck into any technical difficulty, you must call at printer tech support phone number 1-800-510-7358 to get free expert help or unlimited technical support.