Monday, 11 December 2017

How to resolve color Cartridges filled but not printing?

In the era of moving world of latest printing technology, HP printers are highly recognized as the best class printing devices around the world. They have unique and latest features, so they are now in the big demand among users. This is unaffected in the case of using unique HP printer cartridges or perfect cartridges. In the case, you are getting same error with your HP printer “Shading Cartridges Full but not printing”.  There are few important factors to be taken into consideration before printing.

Step 1:- Take out all your printing cartridges from printing head. If you have any issue, you must call at toll free hp printer support phone number 1-800-834-1377 for instant technical help.

Step 2:- Take conserved Air and shoot air into tiny hole in the print-head where ink is sucked out of cartridge. Your issue is a blocked line. The air will clear blocked line for you.

Step 3:- Run via cleaning cycle once.

Step 4:- Give a test for printing. Your issue must be resolved.

There are many independent and reliable tech support service providers who are skillfully and technically experienced for offering full and reliable tech support services for online users at lowest charges. Online technical experts are very quick and smart for identifying actual errors and resolving them with right solutions. After identifying actual problems, simply make a call at toll free hp printer support phone number 1-800-834-1377 to get connect with experts to get best technical solutions over a short period of time. Online customer support is very quick to help you anytime for any kind of technical difficulty.

With the help of latest remote access technology, we can reach at user’s problem to know actual errors and solve them with right technical answers. This technology is very new that responds immediately, if user gives the permission of accessing the device for detecting actual issues. Online technical specialists offer online support, remote support, phone, chat and onsite support services for online customers sitting in any location of the world. When you are very busy, we will send our technicians to fix your printer errors and resolve them with perfect answers.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians are very smart for providing the best technical answers for unsolved technical queries. They have depth technical knowledge to solve every technical error step by step over a short period of time. When you see serious technical situation, you should call at toll free Hp Printer Support Phone Number to get perfect solutions for this issue.

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In the period of advance printing technology, Dell printers are the best class printing devices that are mainly used for different printing purposes. These printing devices are very easy to use, fast in printing and affordable in the prices, so they have become the first choice of today users. If we talk about quality, HP is highly recognized for manufacturing world class dell printers around the world. Dell printer is well known for advance, unique and user friendly features, therefore it is highly demanded among users. While using Dell printer, there are higher possibilities of occurring different types of technical errors. Here, we are describing some important tips for users for troubleshooting some common errors:-

Friday, 1 December 2017

Technical Guidelines are open for Paper jamming errors of HP printer

In the era of latest printer technology, HP printers are world class devices that are mainly used for home and office purposes. HP Printers are loved too much by users because of reliability, efficiency, functionality and durability, therefore they are highly demanded among printer customers.  If you are seriously facing technical issues with HP printer, you should connect with online technical support team for immediate responses.  Here, we are describing few technical errors with right technical solutions given below:-

Paper stuck no apparent jamming- 

You need to locate the stuck bit of paper and simply pull out it to eliminate completely. There is no paper and this may be technical errors with the rollers into the printing machine rather than any trapped bit of paper. During period of printing, the rollers might untied that can be tighten up and technical error is resolved fully. In the case, you fail to identify any issue; you should call at HP printer tech support phone number 1-800-510-7358 for quick help.

Printing machine is not printing appropriately: - 

If your HP printer is not printing suitably, the reason of this issue may be clogging of the ink cartridge. You have to improve cleaning procedure; therefore complex errors can be solved simply. You can clean cartridge head with a cotton cloth and alcohol to eliminate dried up ink from cartridge. This is very caring in free flowing of wet ink. If you are getting such type of issues again and again, you should call at HP printer tech support phone number for immediate help.

Paper feeding errors- 

Paper feeding errors may occur due to device takes papers from only one side. The paper pushed in only one side and other side is uncertain, therefore papers will be jammed just by blocking papers.  You must turn off the printing machine and plug it off and shake it speedily to pull out the undesirable items that were inside HP printer.

Cartridge not Expected- 

Suppose that if ink cartridge does not identify or low ink status alerted, you should refill ink cartridge. If you are not capable of fixing this error, you should take help from technical specialists, who are very experienced for handling such type of situations.  In addition, you can also dial toll free HP printer tech support phone number 1-800-510-7358 to get smart technical assistance. Expert technicians are always available to help you anytime for any kind of inconvenience.

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These days, printer connection is a serious technical error after printing work of end users. Weak wireless connection, Network problems and sharing on the network are the right indications that are displaying connectivity errors experienced by a hp user at various levels. This is very necessary and important factor to be noted that if hp printer fails unexpectedly to establish a right connection will allow to get even a particular copy of print out. Wireless or wired both type of hp printers require a right and strong connection mainly with server system to execute the work simply and successfully and if any error arise suddenly, all hp printer users should follow this troubleshooting process instantly. Visit

Saturday, 25 November 2017

How to Connect HP Printer to Windows 10 PC?

Microsoft has made HP printer installation in windows 10 with quick set up and easy and secure configuration. Generally, the most common way to add a hp printer with your system is through USB cable that can be obtainable over network through server system. However, there are some important instructions that must follow for connecting HP printer over windows 10 PC.

How to attach a local printer?

If you wish to add a local printer, you must connect HP printer with your computer just by using USB cable and switch it on. Press on “Setting” option and open devices “Printers & Scanners” and press on these buttons and click on add a scanner or printer. When you click on it, your computer will detect the installed printer. You must click on the name of printing machine and follow installation instructions to finish the installation process. If you are unable to do this step, you must call at hp printer tech support phone number 1-800-510-7358 for instant responses.

Installation Difficulty-

If Windows 10 PC is unable to detect the printer, you must run window troubleshooting process that is the right option for you to find your HP printer. It will help you to find printing device as well as to download the printer driver. Click on “The printer that I wish isn’t listed and find the printer with other options. Now Choose “Add a local printer or network printer with handbook setting option. If you are not able to find out the printer, you should call at hp printer tech support phone number 1-800-510-7358 for immediate help. 

How to attach Wireless printer?

The installation process for different brands of printers may vary due to different configuration and settings. Advance wireless printer can be detected easily by the computer over network for automatic installation. It has LCD panel to configure printer wireless set up in the right technical ways. Select Wi-fi network on your windows Computer and move in network password to allow unaffected connection.

How to connect a shared printer?

Windows 10 and other previous versions are fully featured with HOME Group that shares printers and other files with other system connected through this network. You must create HOME Group and allow the access for multiple devices. Once your group created, you can identify and share printers among connected computer with a single group. If you have any kind of inconvenience, you must call at Hp printer tech support phone number 1-800-510-7358 for quick help.

Friday, 27 October 2017

How to Connect a Wireless Print Server?

Connecting a wireless printer is very difficult job that needs technical help of technical experts. Essentially, performing this procedure is very simple and if you have little knowledge of computer and networking, you can set up a wireless print server. You should follow few important steps given below to connect wireless printer server.

Information Gathering of Wireless Network 

First of all you have to collect information about wireless network. Get the information like SSID that consists of a series of character that exclusively detect a wireless local area network. Find the channel number that is unique path where two nodes interconnect with each other. Do you know WEP? Stand for wired equivalent privacy it is completely encrypted while travelling from one end to another end through radio waves signals. If you have any difficulty, you should call at hp printer support phone number 1-800-510-7358 for quick help.

Driver Installation & Network Connection  

To run a printer through computer, you have to install a printer driver, however if you have more than one computer server you have to install the printer software on both printers. HP users can install HP printer drivers with the help of online technicians.  

Connecting the wireless Printer to Network 

To connect wireless print server to the network, plug one of the Ethernet cable connections to LAN port of wireless print server and at the same time plug other connecter to the router or switch. While on the other hands connect the printer to connect printer to the network you have to turn on the power button of your wireless printer.  For any technical issue, call at Hp Printer Support Phone Number 1-800-510-7358 for instant help.

CD Installation and Information Verification   

If your computer has CD-ROM drive, then insert the CD and make sure this system is also properly connected to the network. You will see setup wizard windows that automatically pop up and detect the network and show the server name and IP address. You will see a window popup asking information to verify your print server it will also show you network setting, choose the default and visit at next screen to see the IP setting information. 

Obtain IP and Configure Wireless Security Settings 

You can automatically obtain IP address (DHCP) from a server. The network device borrows one of the IP addresses for your targeted network device. This protocol allows you to add more network devices to the network without disturbing the configuration settings. Set IP confirmation manually and choose the right option if you are running different computers. To configure wireless security settings you can  call Hp Printer Support Phone Number 1-800-510-7358 by technical support experts.

Set the Password and Re-Plug the Connection Cables 

Now you can enter the password and wireless server will produce the WEB used by your WAP. Now unplug the power cord of wireless printer server and network cable. Re-plug the power cord again into the wireless printer server that should automatically visible and allow communicating wirelessly with other network devices and your printer.   

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HP printer showing technical errors will not permit getting print outs and if the issue is persisting, this can be resolved with help of the appropriate and effective troubleshooting procedure. Software and connections problems are very serious issues that can be resolved simply. In the respect of the same, you should apply best troubleshooting steps that are explained below- 

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Why is your Brother printer printing Black Pages?

Brother printers are specially known for printing the top quality print outs because of latest printing technology. These devices have so many advance and unique features, therefore they are in the great demand among users. They are capable of giving the best quality printing and durable and have so many functions as compared with others. In the emergency cases, online users encounter any technical error such as why is your Brother Printer printing Black page? If you want to resolve it, therefore you must follow some important tips given below-

Main signs of causing Brother Printing black page errors-

If a brother printer or any other printing machine is printing black pages, this may be due to defective toner cartridge & higher power supply circuit gets scratched or
It could be a DC controller as PCA is failing as this does not work. If A DC controller gets turned into a laser beam light inflexibly, your whole surface area of a photo sensitive drum gets annulled  and print only black pages.  Brother printer set up phone number 1-800-510-7358 is the most appropriate option to get quick help from certified printer professionals.

Technical Solutions to detect difficulties just by following steps given below-

As described above, online brother printers customers need to install a new toner cartridge and replace an upper power supply as PCA. You should check out the main power supply that cannot be connected suitably and should interchange its DC controller PCA. Brother printer technical support phone number 1-800-510-7358 is the most appropriate option before online users to ask the best technical solutions for any error. Another step is explained below to resolve black pages printed by a brother printer:-

You must check whether cartridge is out of ink and replace it instantly.
Papers must be loaded correctly.
Ink cartridge must be installed rightly.
Clean printer platen glass rightly that should not be dust.
Clear the device and its tray at which we place the papers.
Check carefully the size of a paper that should be placed correctly. Brother printer technical support services are very helpful to get instant help for any difficulty.

Check carefully you have downloaded printer driver-

If your printer fails to print any document, you should try above explained steps and follow them in the right ways. Free expert help is always available for all users and fix all multiple issues rightly. The best techies are available round the clock to help online users for any kind of technical inconvenience.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Learn how to bring HP printer from offline to online mode?

If a status message of HP printer offline displays on the system and actually it means that this printing device does not perform printing tasks. This offline message shows that the system is not able to communicate with printer properly. Consequently, the printer comes offline, so it is very serious technical error with any printer. The printing machine stops working or functioning and actually it means that some kinds of technical errors are occurring continuously. You should not be confused more as you must have a hand on tool to get it resolved and that may be tool without any cost.

If you are a user of hp printer, you should have knowledge about HP print diagnostic utility. On other hand, this is not available for Apple MacBook users and older products. You should download this tool, if you have a windows based computer and run it successfully to solve various types of print problems instantly. If you are unable to recognize this problem, you should call at hp printer support number 1-800-510-7358 for quick help.

You can get complete information about any technical issue through user interface window of HP print diagnostic utility. If you get “Green check message” it means that there is no technical error but yellow means that warning message and red check gives the message of a technical issue that needs to be addressed. The wizard will provide instant solutions. So, all users need to click on “Fix” option to perform troubleshooting procedure successfully. If needed any technical assistance, call at toll free hp printer support number so that you can get the right solutions as per your needs. This helpline number is open 24 hour for providing best technical solutions within few minutes.

If this technical issue is not fixed fully, you have to restart your device and make double check about the print line in the taskbar notification area. If there are no longer shows, no printing jobs and error messages, it means that you have resolved it fully. In the urgent cases, certified technical professionals are skillfully and technically experienced for handling technical situations and solving them with best assured resolutions. They are very proficient and knowledgeable for solving all multiple technical problems simply.  Apart from this, help desk support or customer 

How to Select a Right Lexmark Printer for Office Use?

Purchasing a right printer not only assists to get maximum results at affordable cost but this can match different requirements of various users. From Inkjet to Laser Jet and Wi-Fi Printers there are a wide range of devices available for home and office purposes, but pick appropriate one at low cost.

When a printing machine is needed for office use, there are some important factors that must be taken into account from each angle. Here, we have explained some important steps that would assist you to select right printer at affordable cost that can match all your requirements with quick results. Or you can call at Lexmark Printer Set up Help Phone Number 1-800-510-7358 to get immediate responses.

Lexmark Printer Technical Support